When the Soul is in pain, the hurt can present itself in a wide range of physical and emotional ailments.

By learning Soul Healing you will be able to facilitate the energetic healing of your clients, as well as friends and even family members.

Physicians & Providers

Add heart to the art of practicing medicine.

Learn how only a few minutes of applied Soul Healing can bring the essential aspect of emotional awareness to your patients and enable them to align with their health goals.

Engage in healing each other! As physicians and providers, self-healing and emotional release liberates us from burnout and delivers newfound fulfillment.

Therapists & Counselors

Bring an entirely new level of healing to your practice.

Soul Healing blends non-traditional healing methods with mainstream therapeutic principles.

Learn how to recognize emotional energy trapped within your clients and release it, allowing for new possibilities in clients’ lives.


Learn time-honored methods of healing.

Our workshop will train you in methods once taught only to and by indigenous shamans using language adapted to Western culture.

Classes are taught through lecture but most importantly you will be exposed to the energy of healing. It is through this exposure that students learn by immersion into the energy healing techniques.


Change your world.

We believe the greatest impact we can have in this world is through training others to facilitate energy healing as a viable business.

We want you to share in and continue to do this important work with the greatest number of people in a sustainable manner.

We have built successful healing practices and we want this for you as well. During the workshop we share insights on how to build your practice and address how to bring your own energy into alignment with receiving a successful practice.


Discover your own healing.

The intent of this workshop is to teach you to effectively facilitate healing in others. However, you may choose to participate simply to heal your own past hurts.  

We recognize this is an important outcome and provide ample opportunities for self-healing and growth during the workshop sessions.

Human Design

Discover your unique YOU.

Incorporated in the workshop is a high-level introduction to your utterly unique Human Design and its inherent strengths and vulnerabilities.

You will learn how an understanding of your design can further enhance your facilitation of Soul Healing.

Group workshops are offered through video conference learning throughout 2021