Why attend Soul Healing Training?

Our Soul Healing Workshop is designed to teach people how to identify and heal the underlying energies that prevent their clients from moving forward in their lives.

Energy Healing Symptoms

Many people have physical ailments that can be easily traced to their own stress-related behaviors, such as not allowing themselves to breathe deeply, or engaging in excessive worry. Some physical conditions originate from prolonged feelings of anxiety and eventually surface by way of events such as panic attacks. When a person experiences a panic attack, it can truly resemble a heart attack or other life-threatening situation. It creates in the person a great fear for their very life and frequent emergency room visits.

For others, unresolved energies rise to the surface through emotional states such as prolonged grief, sorrow, sadness, depression, frustration or anger. These emotional states can lead to changes in appetite, poor sleep and numerous other unhealthy behaviors, which can then lead to any number of physical manifestations such as fatigue, digestive symptoms, malaise, injuries or illness.

Removing Energy Obstacles

For the majority of us, unresolved energy issues do not surface overtly as diagnosable conditions. They may not even appear as behaviors the average person can recognize. Instead, they surface in seemingly unassociated ways, such as being unable to move forward in a desired direction in life, or finding unhealthy patterns repeating themselves in relationships or the work environment.

A person who is unable to find a fulfilling relationship may not recognize how their unhealed energy pushes away those who might choose to be with them. A business person who struggles to make sales may not recognize how their unhealed energy manifests as low self-worth, thus making success feel like a constant struggle.

Our Soul Healing Workshop begins with learning to recognize the underlying energy of these conditions. You will learn how to look below the surface and perceive the underlying energy of the condition.

During workshop sessions, you will not be expected to memorize phrases or follow scripts. You will be exposed to energy healing through the experiences and insights of healers in various walks of life who are actively practicing Soul Healing. You will learn how to perceive energy with your senses that are most aligned with your unique human design and then apply what you notice. We will emphasize that each client must be treated as a unique individual, not utilizing a cookie-cutter approach.

Recognizing Energy Release

Most importantly, you will learn how to recognize when your client has released an energy that has been holding them back. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized and will serve you greatly regardless of how you choose to apply your unique healing approach to each client.

Whether you are a physician, mid-level provider, therapist or practicing healer of any kind, we are confident you will find that our Soul Healing methods unlock your inherent talents to a degree you may not as yet have realized. As a side-effect of learning how to effect Soul Healing in others, you will most-likely experience healing for yourself as well.